Consultation for Healthy Home Environments

In order to create a healthy living environment, you need to a healthy product choice. UnoBuild are passionate about finding the best sustainable products with the lowest emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).

Our Building Consultants can help you choose the healthy product alternatives that will improve the health and well being of your family. Alternatively, UnoBuild can actually build a Healthy Home for you.

What is a Healthy Living Environment?

There is plenty of talk today about creating a sustainable living environment and whilst this goes a long way to designing homes that are more economical to run, it does not address the issue of healthy materials and finishes choices. Many products, as a result of their manufacturing processes, release Volatile Organic Compounds [VOCs] into the air. For example, products that contain VOC include paints and other building materials.


VOC's – Volatile Organic Compounds are chemicals that, under normal conditions, evaporate into the atmosphere and can be absorbed by the skin, thereby contributing to certain health issues. VOCs are sometimes referred to as off-gasses. A typical chemical that produces VOCs is formaldehyde. This chemical can be found in many carpets, plywoods, paints, building materials, furnishing and other household items.

Magnetic Field – A magnetic field is an invisible force that surrounds a magnetic or electrical object. Studies have shown that magnetic fields can contribute to health problems. UnoBuild can identify areas of potential magnetic fields in your home and suggest ways to minimise or eliminate these by providing recommendations on how to wire your house and position your appliances.