FR5 Energy Ratings for New / Renovated Homes

There is so much information available about Energy Ratings that it can seem quite daunting to know where to even begin. UnoBuild Building Consultants can help you with the following:

UnoBuild Building Consultants can help you achieve maximum energy efficiency for your home by:

FirstRate5 Energy Rating Reports from $99.00

How long does it take to get an Energy Rating Report?

An energy Rating Report can be provided within 24 hours once all necessary information has been received including all specifications of building materials, details of neighbouring properties and fencing, both existing and proposed.

What is Energy Rating?

In very simple terms, an Energy Rating indicates how much energy is required to heat a house in winter or cool a house in summer. The higher the Energy Rating achieved, the less resources [that is, electricity and/or gas] the house needs for heating and cooling.

By law, the government sets the minimum rating that must be achieved for new homes or renovations to existing homes. This minimum rating is periodically reviewed and increased.

What are the benefits of achieving a High Energy Rating?

The most obvious benefit of achieving high Energy Ratings is the savings that can be made in heating and cooling costs for your home. By creating energy efficient homes, you also achieve a more comfortable and welcoming living environment. You create a space that is comfortable to live in year round.